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Brian Wagner, P.E. | Keynote Speaker & Consultant

Brian E. Wagner, P.E.

“The Star Concept has been a game changer in recognizing my own and other’s motivations. It’s a simple system that makes the complex and often loaded topic of motivation fun and easy to approach.”
Jennie Bissell
Performance Coach

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    What People are Saying

    "Brian exemplifies the kind of leader you would want to work for or have speak to your organization. He is centered on helping others, carries himself with confident humility, is an expert in his field, and is committed to continual growth and development."
    Todd Burrier
    Business Consultant
    "I was inspired after hearing Brian’s presentation. He explained that great changes always start with an innovative idea, even if that idea may seem out of reach. With his tools and ideas he provided, I feel like the sky is the limit."
    Erin W
    Watershed & Sustainability Coordinator
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